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Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2021 - Gartner

When COVID-19 hit, organizations using traditional analytics techniques that rely heavily on large amounts of historical data realized one important thing: Many of these models are no longer relevant. Essentially, the pandemic changed everything, rendering a lot of data useless. In turn, forward-looking data and analytics teams are pivoting from traditional AI techniques relying on “big” data to a class of analytics that requires less, or “small” and more varied. Leggi tutto:

Data Analytics in Football - Footballytics

Data alone is not enough to discover new things. Data does not automatically lead to insights. Analyzing and interpreting data is hard work.  The challenge is to interpret the data correctly. And this is not about technology, processes and methods, but primarily about football know-how, openness and curiosity. To gain real and valuable insights, it takes numerous iterations between soccer knowhow and data knowhow.  Leggi tutto: