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Despite huge investments in data science initiatives, 94% of organizations face a list of challenges that prevent them from developing and implementing the data science projects that are needed to improve operational efficiency. Top of the list is a lack of skilled talent.

And here’s the thing: This lack won’t be filled simply by having more data scientists coming out of universities. The degree in data science proves a baseline qualification in that specific field, but a lot of organizations aren’t only looking for “pure” data scientists. To implement more data science projects, companies also need their existing workforce to gain data science skills. That’s because these people already have valuable on-the-job experience and business understanding that enables them to recognize when something in the data looks off.

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Ci sono almeno un paio di punti interessanti in questo post:

  • le competenze di data science devono essere trasversali a tutta l'azienda, e possono portare beneficio in tutti i settori
  • non è necessario saper programmare per lavorare con i dati


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