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Artificial intelligence and data science became front-page news in 2023. The rise of generative AI, of course, drove this dramatic surge in visibility. So, what might happen in the field in 2024 that will keep it on the front page? And how will these trends really affect businesses?

During the past several months, we’ve conducted three surveys of data and technology executives. Two involved MIT’s Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium attendees — one sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and another by Thoughtworks. The third survey was conducted by Wavestone, formerly NewVantage Partners, whose annual surveys we’ve written about in the past. In total, the new surveys involved more than 500 senior executives, perhaps with some overlap in participation.

Surveys don’t predict the future, but they do suggest what those people closest to companies’ data science and AI strategies and projects are thinking and doing. According to those data executives, here are the top five developing issues that deserve your close attention:...

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