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Data scientists and business users quite often exchange spreadsheets as a form of collaboration. Right now, this is an awkward process; while there are a variety of libraries that allow Python to read from and write to spreadsheets, these tools are complicated to use, especially on the business stakeholder side of the exchange. In practice, data scientists have to do a bunch of manual work to update spreadsheets and make collaboration possible.
While no tool can magically resolve human communication problems, Python in Excel will create a common working platform for data scientists and spreadsheet users, dramatically streamlining the collaboration process. When tools like Slack, Git, or Asana are used well, they create a sense of seamless coworking on a common problem. Python in Excel has the potential to deliver a similar experience, finally allowing us to move beyond the throw-it-over-the-wall mentality that is common right now.
Data scientists still need to stop by the desks of their business colleagues to understand the problems they struggle with and the goals they’re trying to achieve. But once they do, they will be able to provide neater, cleaner deliverables with less manual work and friction. It will be possible to bake analysis and modeling code right into a spreadsheet. Users can execute Python code within their sheets just like they would conventional Excel formulas, without complex local installation of code libraries.

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