Can I predict the outcome of a football match (and make money)? - Hans Samons in Low Code for Data Science

 To enhance my skills in applying data science concepts and tools, I create small projects for myself, emphasizing a hands-on learning approach. One such project was the development of a football prediction model, which evolved into an accumulation of several smaller projects.

For all these projects, I utilize KNIME, a low-code, no-code data science platform. KNIME offers a combination of standard KNIME nodes by default and the ability to incorporate code (Python/R/Java) when necessary, making it my go-to solution. Additionally, KNIME Analytics Platform is available at no cost. You can download it for free here.

Among these projects, the one that provided me with the most enjoyment (although I wish it brought me money) involves predicting the outcome of football matches without the need for coding.

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