10 Data and Analytics Trends to Keep on Your Radar - Gartner

Think like a business, move from platforms to ecosystems, and don’t forget the humans.

Our annual list of top data and analytics (D&A) trends intends to help you anticipate change and transform uncertainty into opportunity. Factor them into key investments that drive new growth, efficiency, resilience and innovation. 

This year’s trends fit into three broad themes: 
  • Think like a business.
  • Move from platforms to ecosystems.
  • Don’t forget the humans.
“These trends must be fundamental to the way organizations approach their D&A strategy and that team’s relationship with other cross-enterprise stakeholders,” says Gartner VP Analyst Gareth Herschel. “The mission of data and analytics teams is to go from managing data resources and creating analytic insight, to delivering value. This need to deliver provable value at scale is driving a variety of trends.”

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